Intercultural Counselling Psychotherapy, Supervision & Training. LondonSE5

Intercultural Counselling Psychotherapy, Supervision & Training. LondonSE5Intercultural Counselling Psychotherapy, Supervision & Training. LondonSE5

Intercultural Psychotherapy


Mabadiliko Therapy Ltd holds a worldview, which means we consider your ancestral origins as well as cultural and spiritual influences no matter where in the world you are born and/or raised. We believe this has a significant impact on mental health experiences, therefore should be given consideration when assisting with helping you find the pieces of your puzzle that make you feel whole.

We combine an array of theoretical concepts and therapeutic approaches to aid the healing process which include but is not limited to:

Cultural Psychology; which takes into consideration your ethnicity, cultural heritage, and spiritual beliefs, and acknowledges that your culture influences psychological and behavioural tendencies, which have an impact on the psyche and mental health experiences. 

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT); which aims to identify negative patterns of thought that may cause feelings of stress, anxiety or persistent low mood. It can help to modify your thinking patterns to achieve positive cognition's and can be integrated into the psychotherapy process, or can be a self-help therapy often offered through the NHS in the UK. 

Existential Therapy; is focused more on the here and now rather then past experiences, although the impact of past experiences is given some consideration. This approach uses a philosophical perspective to explore difficulties and encourages individuals to take ownership of their lives authentically rather then superficially. 

Person-Centered Therapy; is at the center of ethical therapeutic practice and consists of the three core conditions taken from the main principles of Carl Rogers' Person- Centred approach. At Mabadiliko Therapy we expand upon these conditions with a more authentic cultural perspective.

Transactional Analysis (TA); analytically explores the way people communicate with each other considering three primary 'Ego states'. TA theory suggests that people transact (communicate) in either Parent, Adult or Child states, especially during times of conflict or uncomfortable situations. When adults communicate with each other as if they are a Parent or a Child, unhelpful responses often occur. We incorporate TA to enable clients to develop better communication skills, by enhancing Adult-to-Adult transactions; especially when working through common relationship issues including unhealthy family dynamics.

Transpersonal Therapy; is fundamentally spiritually based in the sense that experiences outside of the physical realm (body and mind) is given great consideration. The state of one's spirit, their spiritual journey or life's purpose is considered within the healing process. 

Psychodynamic approaches; analytically explores levels of consciousness and past experiences that may be manifesting in the present. We give insights to enhance understanding which enables change and personal growth, by bringing unconscious processes into conscious awareness. 

At Mabadiliko Therapy we also use Psychodynamic approaches to establish attachment styles, personality types, 'black and white thinking' in relation to 'splitting' as a primary defence mechanism or coping strategy; and much more.

This list is not exhaustive, the way we work is tailored to accommodate individual therapeutic needs throughout the different stages of the therapeutic process irrespective of race, gender or religious/spiritual beliefs.