Intercultural Counselling Psychotherapy, Supervision & Training. LondonSE5

Intercultural Counselling Psychotherapy, Supervision & Training. LondonSE5Intercultural Counselling Psychotherapy, Supervision & Training. LondonSE5

....Waves of emotions can feel rough and circumstances can make us feel stuck. 

At Mabadiliko Therapy we aim to support you through these challenges by enabling you to uncover the root cause/s of your behaviours and emotions, and adapt the way you think to allow the process of change that renews the mind; enhancing personal & spiritual growth.

About Mabadiliko Therapy

Mabadiliko Therapy Ltd is a Private Not For Profit community organisation, providing Intercultural Psychotherapy, Supervision and Training. We are currently based in South East London and offer a culture-centred trauma informed approach to talking therapy for individuals aged 18 and over. 

We are a UK based national and international service, offering weekly, face to face, one-to-one, psychotherapy. If you travel a lot for work or live overseas you can still access the service. Telephone or online counselling is available where appropriate if you are in a region outside of London. Online appointments for clients outside of the UK can be arranged, but will be scheduled within reason according to the GMT time zone.  Online training and supervision is also available.  

The Director: Beverley J Weston, has experience supporting individuals with common mental illnesses such as Anxiety, Depression, Grief & Loss, PTSD, Stress & Burn-out, OCD and more. She specialises in working with adult survivors of childhood trauma including child sex abuse, sexual assault/sexual trauma, and domestic abuse/domestic violence. Beverley identifies as African-Caribbean and has a particular interest in mental health and cultural identity. She also works perceptively on the impact mental ill health has on spirituality and faith.


Our Approach to Talking Therapy



At Mabadiliko Therapy we have a way of working that enables us to relate to our clients through Interpersonal and Transpersonal experiences. 

A focus area of our approach embraces the inner workings of the clients subjective experience that relates specifically to their racial, ethnic or spiritual background and beliefs, this helps us to deliver a holistic therapy using a combination of Cultural Psychology and Euro-centric methodologies.

Traditional and widespread approaches to talking therapy are often delivered from a Euro-centric perspective. This approach can sometimes fail to meet the needs of people from Black Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) groups, as cultural sensitivity and true empathetic understanding is limited.  

Our integration of Cultural Psychology and other evidenced based psychotherapy practices, form part of the worldview framework for Mabadiliko Therapy.  

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the community with a culturally sensitive counselling psychotherapy service that holds a worldview and considers culture, ethnicity and spirituality as fundamental aspects for all users of the service. Psychotherapy is tailored to each individual, which makes it a unique and subjective experience. 

We believe that no matter where in the world you are born, raised or live, your ancestral origins and cultural influences play a significant role in the make-up of who you are, and influences mental health experiences. Therefore, our Intercultural Counselling Psychotherapy approach enables holistic therapy that truly holds the ‘person’ at the ‘center’ of their therapy.

Through our training and supervision we aim to enhance the cultural competence of Counsellors & Psychotherapists. Enabling the ability to be able to work with 'difference and diversity' in a culturally and spiritually sensitive way. Consideration is given to the development of the therapists intercultural understanding and self perception, as well as the clients racial, ethnic and spiritual background. This enhances transpersonal experiences and the therapeutic relationship, supporting the process of personal growth and transformation.   



Intercultural PsychoTHERAPY



We offer a culture-centric trauma informed approach to talking therapy.  We consider the impact of ethnicity, culture and spirituality when supporting people better manage mental health concerns and improve well-being. 




Integrative Counselling Supervision influenced by Intercultural Psychotherapy practice is provided on a one-to-one or group basis. Enabling the development of cultural competence and spiritual sensitivity is a key component to the approach.


TalkS & Presentations

TalkS & Presentations

 Intercultural Psychotherapy CPD training, and Mental health training for organisations who work with vulnerable adults. 

TalkS & Presentations

TalkS & Presentations

TalkS & Presentations

We produce and deliver talks and workshops on various mental health and well-being topics.

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