Intercultural Counselling Psychotherapy, Supervision & Training. LondonSE5

Intercultural Counselling Psychotherapy, Supervision & Training. LondonSE5Intercultural Counselling Psychotherapy, Supervision & Training. LondonSE5

Intercultural Supervision


Supervision is a confidential and collaborative clinical learning environment based on mutuality between the supervisor and the supervisee. The role of he supervisor is to facilitate an ethical 'holding' space to enable the supervisee to reflect and learn about themselves as well as explore and understand the dynamics within the therapeutic relationship with their clients. 

The supervisor/supervisee working alliance is fundamental for effective supervision to be established, as it parallels the importance of the therapeutic relationship between counsellor and client.

At Mabadiliko Therapy, Supervision is a space to receive constructive feedback to enhance your practice, allowing time to explore you as a person as well as your practice as a counsellor. The main theoretical approach is Integrative Psychodynamic, influenced by Intercultural and Relational perspectives. 

Many different approaches are combined to accommodate the needs of the supervisee and the client; and consider the impact of culture, ethnicity and spirituality on individuals regardless of race, gender or sexuality; inclusive of both the therapist/counsellor and client. 

Support with ethical dilemmas, and practical suggestions to improve your CPD experience is also offered.